Yardbird Galvanized Steel Restraining Cone

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Model: 38440

The Yardbird Restraining Cone makes butchering & cleanup easy and ethical by restraining the bird throughout the process. This hassle-free galvanized steel cone is rust resistant & features pre-drilled mounting holes. Hemmed seams and edges provide increased durability. Yardbird Poultry Processing cones are a high-quality poultry cone used to process chickens, pheasants, ducks, quail and partridge. Built with backyard chicken farmers in mind, the Yardbird Restraining Cones are built to bring convenience and efficiency to your butchering process for many years to come.

Large: Best for birds 6-12 lbs. 

Medium: Best for birds 2-8 lbs.


Package Contains: 1 Restraining Cone

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