Yardbird Scalding Gloves

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Model: 4077501101

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Heavy Duty Neoprene Coating
  • Extra Long Cuffs Protect Forearm
  • Soft Cotton Lining
  • Allows For Complete Scalding
  • Textured For Added Grip

The Yardbird Poultry Scalding Gloves allow for a complete scald of meat birds during the butchering process. Scalding is a crucial step in the plucking process as an improper scald can make plucking difficult or even destroy the meat and tear the skin. The Scalding Glove allows for a bird to be completely prepped for plucking without fear of burns from the hot water. A durable and textured neoprene coating makes the Yardbird Scalding Gloves 100% waterproof while providing addition grip. The extra long forearm cuffs keep your arms protected from splashing water while also keeping you clean for other butchering tasks. Make your next butchering day a productive one with the Yardbird Scalding Gloves.


Package Contains: 1 Pair

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